Accessibility issues are some of the most common problems we solve for our clients here at Torii Studio. For 2021 alone, WebAIM, an accessibility consulting firm, found that around 97.4% of home pages featured automatically detectable errors. The number goes up once errors that cannot be detected automatically are factored in.

This is a shame. There are over one billion individuals worldwide living with disabilities. And approximately 10% of the US population experiences either a temporary or permanent disability. Persons With Disabilities (PWD) already face countless challenges in the physical world. …

In Cuba, locals have a common saying: resolver. It roughly translates to: solve, get by, or make do. Resolver is how Cubans describe solving problems ranging from the everyday to the complex on an island with few resources. It’s how they’ve managed to keep cars built in the 1940s running for nearly eight decades without ever having access to spare parts from the manufacturers. Or how they’ve learned to make electric bikes using motors from water pumps and military tanks. …

Diversity has become the type of buzzword that either elicits eye rolls, heated debates, or uncomfortable silences. But as our world grows larger and we become more connected, it’s turned into the kind of word that’s dangerous to ignore.

We now have decades of research and hard data summarizing the effects of living and working with those who are different from us. And the numbers show that diversity is very much worth the effort. But how exactly is diversity good for us? What is the value behind something so fraught with friction and challenges? …

How many bad ideas does it take to arrive at a good one? Quite a lot. A lot more than most people think.

Stories on how creativity and innovation happen tend to take on a near-mythical tone. From the way they are told, you would think that ideas simply fall from the sky into the heads of exceptional individuals. The process in which breakthrough ideas come to life is, in reality, a lot more complicated than that. There is no straightforward way to make innovation happen. It involves assuming steep risks, working through lots of uncertainty, and facing plenty of…

How to listen to your customers
How to listen to your customers

“Listen to your customers” is one of the most repeated mantras in business. It’s also one of the most difficult and misinterpreted parts of product design and marketing. Depending on who you’re talking to, listening to your customers is either the way to go if you want to be successful or something that will ruin your chances of creating something exceptional.

When discussing innovation, people will get caught up in examples of Silicon Valley unicorns and Wall Street high-performers. Names like Apple, Uber, or Airbnb get thrown around a lot. Quotes from Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, and Mark Cuban start…

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UX isn’t just a trendy buzzword anymore. It’s the key to creating products that will succeed in today’s markets. It’s also the secret behind some of the world’s top-performing companies. Apple, Starbucks, Disney, and Airbnb all came to hold such a special place in consumers’ hearts because they made them their priority. In other words, they offer people user-centered products and experiences that add value to their lives.

As more and more brands have come to understand the importance of good user experiences and invest more resources into them, competition is getting fiercer and users’ expectations are higher than ever…

Wego is one of the most popular travel websites in Asia and the largest one in the Middle East and North Africa. The platform is a mobile-focused service currently available in 59 countries and 22 different languages.

The first step in the company’s journey to create its award-winning mobile app started with making improvements to its interface and user experience. Their original app was plagued by poor UI and UX practices that were affecting sales and contributing to bad reviews. To fix this, Wego wanted to move into a progressive web app that provided its users with a native experience.

As part of their Beer and UX series, Neuron hosted Cristóbal Chao to chat about his journey as a UX engineer.
As part of their Beer and UX series, Neuron hosted Cristóbal Chao to chat about his journey as a UX engineer.

As our digital world expands, the field of UX has evolved to fit an ever-growing number of needs. The industry now includes specialties like UX designer, UX engineer, UX architect, and UX researcher. Companies looking to create better user-driven products enlist the help of these UX specialists to ensure that every aspect of development is fine-tuned to perfection.

Torii Studio CEO and founder Cristóbal Chao was one of the first tech professionals to hold the title of UX engineer. He’s spent the past decade helping clients like Wego, Trello, and Google improve the user experience of their web and mobile…

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